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by 504594108
Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:30 pm
Forum: *Ethers
Topic: Ether priority
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Ether priority

Do ethers have higher priority than alkane/halogen substituents or do they have the same level of priority?
by 504594108
Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:03 pm
Forum: *Alkanes
Topic: Prioritizing substituents
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Prioritizing substituents

When you have multiple substituents, do you prioritize the substituents for numbering by size or by alphabetical order? For example, if you have an ethyl and a propyl substituent on a cyclohexane, which one gets priority in numbering?
by 504594108
Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:32 pm
Forum: Calculating Standard Reaction Entropies (e.g. , Using Standard Molar Entropies)
Topic: Residual Entropy 2011 Final Exam
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Residual Entropy 2011 Final Exam

How would you calculate the two residual entropies of NO and BF3 with the S=Kb ln W formula? I don't understand how to determine whether it's a two particles in one of two states or one particle in one of two states.
by 504594108
Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:24 pm
Forum: *Carboxylic Acids
Topic: Naming functional groups
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Naming functional groups

When a molecule has both a carboxylic acid and the question is asking you to name all the functional groups, do you have to state alcohol and carbonyl or can you just say carboxylic acid?
by 504594108
Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:21 pm
Forum: *Cyclohexanes (Chair, Boat, Geometric Isomers)
Topic: How to position substituents for chair conformation
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How to position substituents for chair conformation

How do you know whether a substituent should be in the axial or equitorial position?
by 504594108
Fri Feb 26, 2016 7:57 pm
Forum: *Aldehydes
Topic: Aldehydes and Carbonyl
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Aldehydes and Carbonyl

What's the difference between aldehydes and carbonyls?
by 504594108
Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:02 pm
Forum: *Electrophiles
Topic: Electrophilic Elements
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Electrophilic Elements

Why is F (neutral) an electrophile?
by 504594108
Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:47 pm
Forum: First Order Reactions
Topic: Definition of K prime
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Definition of K prime

What exactly is K prime and when do you use it?
by 504594108
Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:45 pm
Forum: First Order Reactions
Topic: Half Life Equations
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Half Life Equations

How do you know when to use ln .5=-kt or ln [A]= -kt + [A]initial ?
by 504594108
Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:12 pm
Forum: Galvanic/Voltaic Cells, Calculating Standard Cell Potentials, Cell Diagrams
Topic: Reducing Agents HW 14.25
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Reducing Agents HW 14.25

How do you determine the reducing agents for species in an aqueous solution? I looked in the Appendix on page A17 but there are multiple half reactions with the given elements in it so I don't know which one to look at to determine the order.
by 504594108
Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:59 pm
Forum: Balancing Redox Reactions
Topic: Basic Solutions
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Basic Solutions

Which do you try to balance first, the Oxygen or the Hydrogen? I feel like everytime I get the Oxygen right, the hydrogen gets messed up in the process and I can never seem to get the equation balanced.
by 504594108
Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:31 pm
Forum: Thermodynamic Systems (Open, Closed, Isolated)
Topic: Winter 2015 Quiz 1
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Winter 2015 Quiz 1

For number 2 why does an isolated system lose internal energy if it's isolated?
by 504594108
Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:46 pm
Forum: Reaction Enthalpies (e.g., Using Hess’s Law, Bond Enthalpies, Standard Enthalpies of Formation)
Topic: Bond Enthalpies for HW 8.67
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Bond Enthalpies for HW 8.67

For part D for calculating benzene with resonance, why do you multiply 6 mols by the enthalpy of a single bond of C-C instead of the enthalpy of the C-C bond of benzene (the one with dots above the line)?
by 504594108
Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:44 pm
Forum: Thermodynamic Definitions (isochoric/isometric, isothermal, isobaric)
Topic: HW 8.25
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HW 8.25

I do not understand how the Solutions Manuel solves this problem because it's asking for the internal energy but the Solutions Manuel uses heat capacity and heat formulas. Can someone please explain how it was solved?
by 504594108
Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:13 pm
Forum: *Titrations & Titration Calculations
Topic: Calculating Titration Curve points
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Calculating Titration Curve points

For HW 13.23, how do you know the interval of liters of titrant to add? Like what number do you plug in for the liters of HCl?
by 504594108
Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:26 pm
Forum: Equilibrium Constants & Calculating Concentrations
Topic: Strong Acid/Base
Replies: 2
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Strong Acid/Base

How do you tell whether an acid is strong or weak?
by 504594108
Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:38 pm
Forum: Equilibrium Constants & Calculating Concentrations
Topic: Solving for the correct equilibrium relation HW 11.43
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Solving for the correct equilibrium relation HW 11.43

How do you figure out out the correct equilibrium relation for 2NO <=> N2 + 02 if you know the initial partial pressure for NO is 1.0 bar and X is the equilibrium concentration for N2?
by 504594108
Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:53 pm
Forum: Equilibrium Constants & Calculating Concentrations
Topic: Calculating K for HW 11.39
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Calculating K for HW 11.39

Why does the solutions manual multiply the K from 2BrCl = Br2 + Cl2 and the K from H2 + Cl2 =2HCl instead of adding them? Plus, because Cl2 is in both equations, doesn't that mean there is some overlap with the two K values?
by 504594108
Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:11 pm
Forum: Determining Molecular Shape (VSEPR)
Topic: Lewis Structure of HClO3
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Lewis Structure of HClO3

Why does lowest energy Lewis structure for HClO3 have the Hydrogen atom bonded to one of the Oxygen atoms instead of the central Chlorine atom?
by 504594108
Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:40 pm
Forum: Hybridization
Topic: Problem 4.43
Replies: 2
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Problem 4.43

What is meant by the s-character of hybrid orbitals? Why does it increase when the bond angle increases?
by 504594108
Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:45 pm
Forum: Polarisability of Anions, The Polarizing Power of Cations
Topic: Increasing polarization
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Increasing polarization

For problem 3.83 why does N^3- have more polarizability than 0^2-?
by 504594108
Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:09 pm
Forum: Trends in The Periodic Table
Topic: Electron Affinity vs Ionization Energy
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Re: Electron Affinity vs Ionization Energy

What exactly is the difference between ionization energy and electron affinity?
by 504594108
Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:46 am
Forum: Bohr Frequency Condition, H-Atom , Atomic Spectroscopy
Topic: Quiz1Prep#10
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In the green workbook for Chem14A, in quiz 1 preparation, problem number 10 solution uses the Bohr Equation for H-Atom, but instead of multiplying (Z^2/N^2) by Rydberg's constant, it's multiplied by -2.178x10^-18J. Where did this number come from?
by 504594108
Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:12 pm
Forum: Photoelectric Effect
Topic: Photoelectric effect
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Re: Photoelectric effect

When the wavelength is shorter, the frequency of the wave increases which means that the wave has more energy. Since in this experiment light acts like particles, that means the particles have more energy and are therefore able to eject electrons.

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