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by Amber_Carlton_3D
Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:35 pm
Forum: Administrative Questions and Class Announcements
Topic: Saying Thank You to Dr. Lavelle
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Re: Saying Thank You to Dr. Lavelle

Dear Dr. Lavelle, Since beginning college in your 14A class, I cannot express enough gratitude for all of the hard work you put in to this class. Throughout 14A and 14B, your organization, helpful review sessions, and endless hours of opportunities you have given students to expand their knowledge a...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:40 am
Forum: Reaction Mechanisms, Reaction Profiles
Topic: Pre-Equilibrium
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How do you determine which step is the slow one and which step is the fast one in your pre-equilibrium approach?
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:35 pm
Forum: General Rate Laws
Topic: quiz 3
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Re: quiz 3

Rate constants and equilibrium constants (k) do not have units. Thus, all of your units should cancel out in your equation.
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:36 pm
Forum: *Electrophiles
Topic: Neither electrophile nor nucleophile
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Re: Neither electrophile nor nucleophile

Molecules that are neither nucleophile nor electrophile actually can exist. For example, methane(CH4) is neither an electrophile nor a nucleophile. The center atom of carbon has no lone pairs to share with a filled octet, and thus no interest in gaining electrons too. Each of the four hydrogen atoms...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:06 pm
Forum: *Organic Reaction Mechanisms in General
Topic: Naming Organic Molecules
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Naming Organic Molecules

Does anyone have any tips for naming complex organic compounds/molecules? Do we just need to memorize them or is there a better method? Thank you in advance!
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:20 pm
Forum: Galvanic/Voltaic Cells, Calculating Standard Cell Potentials, Cell Diagrams
Topic: When to add Pt(s) to a cell diagram?
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Re: When to add Pt(s) to a cell diagram?

In a cell, metal is necessary in order to conduct electrons. When there are no metals present in your equation, you must then add a metal to your cell diagram. You would find Pt(s) in a cell diagram because there must have been no metals present without it. For example, you will not find Pt(s) in a ...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:29 pm
Forum: Reaction Enthalpies (e.g., Using Hess’s Law, Bond Enthalpies, Standard Enthalpies of Formation)
Topic: Homework.8.75
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For homework #75 in chapter 8, we are supposed to utilize bond enthalpies to calculate the reaction enthalpy of an equation. I understand how to do this for (a), but for (b) and (c), why do we only break and form 1 mol of the molecules. I understand that parts of the molecules in the products and re...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:43 am
Forum: Thermodynamic Systems (Open, Closed, Isolated)
Topic: By or On the System? [ENDORSED]
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Re: By or On the System? [ENDORSED]

According to the first law of thermodynamics: -The internal energy of an isolated system remains constant. -Work that is done on the system is positive and is written out like this: change in U = q + w . This means that W, the system, is positive, as well as the heat added to the system, causing a p...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:53 am
Forum: Equilibrium Constants & Calculating Concentrations
Topic: Kp and Kc
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Re: Kp and Kc

The difference between Kp and Kc is that Kc refers to molar concentrations and Kp refers to the partial pressures of gases in a closed container. They are both equilibrium constants of gaseous mixtures though!
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:53 pm
Forum: *Molecular Orbital Theory (Bond Order, Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism)
Topic: Chapter 4 Question #107
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Re: Chapter 4 Question #107

bond order = (number of electrons in anti bonding molecule - number of electrons in bonding molecule)/2 (drawing lewis dot diagrams can also help you figure this out) a) the bond order changes from 2 to 1.5, creating a longer bond in the cation. C2 is diamagnetic. Species is paramagnetic due to the ...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:56 pm
Forum: Hybridization
Topic: conceptual question
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Re: conceptual question

Hybrid Orbitals: 2e- pairs = sp 3e- pairs = sp^2 4e- pairs = sp^3 5e- pairs = sp^3d 6e- pairs = sp^3d^2 It is helpful to draw the lewis structure of the compound you are working with. Then, for each atom, count the number of electron pairs that it has. Once you have these numbers, then you can utili...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Oct 23, 2016 4:18 pm
Forum: Dipole Moments
Topic: Do Dipole Moments affect Bond Strength?
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Re: Do Dipole Moments affect Bond Strength?

Electronegativity does in fact affect bond strength because the larger the difference in electronegativity between two atoms, the stronger their bond strength is in most cases. For example, Fluorine has a higher electronegativity than Chlorine; thus, the bond energy of HF is higher than the bond ene...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:19 pm
Forum: Properties of Electrons
Topic: Mass
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Re: Mass

The mass of an electron can be calculated in grams (9.11x10^-28) or in kilograms (9.11x10^-31) when utilizing the mass in equation's like de Broglie's! You will just need to convert the grams to kilograms so that units cancel out properly in the equation.
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:03 pm
Forum: General Science Questions
Topic: constants/formulas
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Does anyone have a list of constants/formulas that they feel we should know for quiz #1? I'm trying to put together a list to memorize but I feel like I'm missing a few! Thanks!
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:49 pm
Forum: Student Social/Study Group
Topic: Post All Chemistry Jokes Here
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Re: Post All Chemistry Jokes Here

Q: Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium?

A: It went OK...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:36 pm
Forum: Photoelectric Effect
Topic: Wavelength vs. Photons [ENDORSED]
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Re: Wavelength vs. Photons [ENDORSED]

-photons are basically particles of light/a quantum of light that travel at the speed of light in empty space too (because their mass is nonexistent - when they're emitted from an atom their mass is 1/2 positive from proton and 1/2 negative from electron --> mass of zero) -photons carry energy that ...
by Amber_Carlton_3D
Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:17 pm
Forum: Student Social/Study Group
Topic: Dykstra Hall Study Group (Fall 2016)
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Re: Dykstra Hall Study Group (Fall 2016)

Hey everyone! I'm down to join too! I'm on the 4th floor! My email is: :)

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