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by Raven_Gassis_2L
Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:25 pm
Forum: *Cyclopentanes
Topic: Primary, Secondary, ect. Carbons
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Re: Primary, Secondary, ect. Carbons

i have not seen it used with carbons however it is sometimes used with nitrogens when dealing with the amine functional groups. I saw on some midterms that you only get one point instead of two if you don't specify what kind of amine the functional group (i.e primary, secondary, etc.)
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:31 pm
Forum: *Ethers
Topic: Ethyl methyl ether?
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Re: Ethyl methyl ether?

Maybe I'm confused on the question but methyl ethyl ether is just a line representing methyl connected to an Oxygen represented by an O and another two lines connected to the O representing an ethyl. -O-- like the but obviously how a line structure usually looks.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:00 pm
Forum: *Alkanes
Topic: quiz 3 naming organic molecules
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Re: quiz 3 naming organic molecules

We only have to know IUPEC naming; however, some molecules are easier to name using common names and since both are acceptable it is better to learn both as it will help you to perform better on the quiz.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:07 pm
Forum: Thermodynamic Systems (Open, Closed, Isolated)
Topic: Midterm 2017 Q2
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Re: Midterm 2017 Q2

Its because there is a change in volume for both of the containers but the overall change in volume of the system is 0 because the changes in volume are equal and opposite.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:39 pm
Forum: First Order Reactions
Topic: Graph of First Order Reactions
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Re: Graph of First Order Reactions

its because of the way we derive the equation. we know the rate + -(1/a) (dA/dt)=k[A]^n and for a first order reaction n=1 the rate equals k[A].... assuming the constant a=1 we get (dA/dt)=-k[A] when we rearrange we get dA/[A]=-k the integral is ln[A]=-kt+ C where C=ln[Anot]... thats why the graph i...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:12 pm
Forum: Galvanic/Voltaic Cells, Calculating Standard Cell Potentials, Cell Diagrams
Topic: Practice Midterm 2016 #8
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Re: Practice Midterm 2016 #8

you assume that that they are arranged to create the maximum potential Emax. Whichever reaction has a smaller Enot should be the anode (reducing) and the one with the larger Enot should be the cathode (oxidizing)
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:50 pm
Forum: Appications of the Nernst Equation (e.g., Concentration Cells, Non-Standard Cell Potentials, Calculating Equilibrium Constants and pH)
Topic: magnesium metal production in course reader [ENDORSED]
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Re: magnesium metal production in course reader [ENDORSED]

I'm not sure I fully understand the question but in any situation where the overall E(not) of the cell if a negative value the reaction will not occur because delta G(not) will be positive. In order for a battery to function it must have a positive potential.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:33 pm
Forum: Van't Hoff Equation
Topic: Finding K
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Re: Finding K

I think we will be given the concentrations I don't think Lavell would do such a thing to us.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:31 pm
Forum: Thermodynamic Definitions (isochoric/isometric, isothermal, isobaric)
Topic: Formulas
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Re: Formulas

I don't know either but I'm just commenting in case someone does I will have access to it
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:24 pm
Forum: Calculating Standard Reaction Entropies (e.g. , Using Standard Molar Entropies)
Topic: HW 9.37A
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Re: HW 9.37A

It should be the exact same thing I believe you would just be doing extra work.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:22 pm
Forum: Entropy Changes Due to Changes in Volume and Temperature
Topic: Problem 9.47
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Re: Problem 9.47

a. I know that the reason q=-w is because delta U is 0. Since the change in energy is 0 the total change in entropy should be 0 for reversible reactions because of the 1st law of thermodynamics. b. Im not 100% sure why b is how it is but so long as you know delta s is the same for the system in a re...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:32 pm
Forum: Reaction Enthalpies (e.g., Using Hess’s Law, Bond Enthalpies, Standard Enthalpies of Formation)
Topic: HW 8.7
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Re: HW 8.7

I am pretty sure you do not have to worry about this yet we have not gotten to it. We are supposed to start the homework from the middle to end and then we are going to the beginning of chapter 8 later. Start the homework on the section titled "Hess's Law; Standard Enthalpies of Formation; and ...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:48 pm
Forum: Calculating pH or pOH for Strong & Weak Acids & Bases
Topic: 2012 final #7B
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Re: 2012 final #7B

It is because the value of x is assumed to be small enough where .06-x would be rounded to .06 after x is subtracted from it. A good rule to follow is if Kb< some number x 10^-6 then you can ignore x, if it is Kb> some number x 10^-4 then you should keep the x and use the quadratic formula, in-betwe...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:59 pm
Forum: Acidity & Basicity Constants and The Conjugate Seesaw
Topic: Ka1,2,3... Significance
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Re: Ka1,2,3... Significance

KA2 is taking the product of KA1 and using it as a reactant with water to remove another Hydrogen atom. And so on
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:17 pm
Forum: Conjugate Acids & Bases
Topic: pOH from pH [ENDORSED]
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Re: pOH from pH [ENDORSED]

pOH from pH is 14 minus the pH level
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:34 pm
Forum: Naming
Topic: Subscripts of atoms outside the brackets
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Re: Subscripts of atoms outside the brackets

Its because the total charge of the coordination is 2- therefore you need 2 K atoms because the element is stable that way.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:55 pm
Forum: Shape, Structure, Coordination Number, Ligands
Topic: Cis Vs. Trans
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Re: Cis Vs. Trans

I could be wrong but I am almost certain that either is likely to form and that we will usually be told weather or not the structure we are dealing with is cis or trans... An explanation for one formation being more likely than the other may have to do with dipoles but for now I think you will be fi...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:19 am
Forum: Determining Molecular Shape (VSEPR)
Topic: Linear vs. Bent Molecular Shape
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Re: Linear vs. Bent Molecular Shape

linear is AX2 where as bent is AX2E
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:04 pm
Forum: Electron Configurations for Multi-Electron Atoms
Topic: Exceptions for Electron Configurations
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Re: Exceptions for Electron Configurations

the electron configuration is [Ar]3d^9 for Cu^2+
in its ground state Cu is more stable with an electron configuration of [Ar]3d^10 4s^1 and for Cr it is more stable as [Ar] 3d^5 4s^1
when doing electron configuration for ions you remove the electrons from the lower energy orbitals, from right to left.
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:00 pm
Forum: General Science Questions
Topic: Sig Figs
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Sig Figs

It has been quite awhile since high school chemistry and I was wondering if someone could give me a quick run down of sig figs. I more or less understand them but sometimes the book does random intermediate rounding for some problems and not for others and someone mentioned that sig figs are differe...
by Raven_Gassis_2L
Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:12 pm
Forum: Student Social/Study Group
Topic: Curtsied Study Group
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Curtsied Study Group

Hey guys I noticed that there is not a study group yet for Courtside! I say we start one as soon as possible so that if anyone is confused or needs any clarification help will be just a few steps away. If you too are interested in starting a courtside study group please post your phone number in the...

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