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This website/forum is viewable online to ALL but only students in Dr. Laurence Lavelle’s classes may post to this website.

All posts must be in English.
No bad language.
Be polite and help others having difficulty understanding a topic or solving a problem.

Read previous Q&A related to the topic of your question, as your question may already be answered.
Duplicate questions will be automatically deleted.

Questions must be clearly worded and written out in full. Questions such as “Please explain HW 2.7” or “I don’t understand Winter 2010 midterm Q2” will be deleted. Both Q&A should be understandable without having to refer to other materials. This makes the Q&A much more usable for students as they do not have to keep referring to other materials to understand the Q&A.

Topics marked * are not currently in the syllabus.

To bookmark a topic of interest see small text at the bottom of the page and click “Bookmark topic”.

Drawings, Lewis structures, animations, etc., can be uploaded and displayed.
Use any drawing program, then screen shot or save, then up load.
Or draw your molecule, take a photo, then up load.
See below, on-how-to “Multimedia Attachment”.

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