Molarity conversions  [ENDORSED]

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Hector Acosta Discussion 1H
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Molarity conversions

Postby Hector Acosta Discussion 1H » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:35 pm

How do I find the number of moles when I am given molarity and the volume of a solution.

Janice Xiao 1I
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Re: Molarity conversions

Postby Janice Xiao 1I » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:37 pm

Molarity is equal to number of moles divided by volume in liters. So to find the number of moles, multiply the volume by the molarity.

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Re: Molarity conversions  [ENDORSED]

Postby MadisonFuentes1G » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:47 pm

Use the formula M=n/L and manipulate the equation to where the number of moles equals the molarity times the volume.

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Re: Molarity conversions

Postby Daniel Cho Section 1H » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:57 am

As a side note, if you are given grams. You can just divide grams by the element's molar mass to find moles if you are trying to find Molarity or Volume.

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