Question G.13 Answer Error (Sixth Edition)  [ENDORSED]

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Question G.13 Answer Error (Sixth Edition)

Postby timothy_ho_4B » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:22 am

In the sixth edition of the textbook, the answer of G.13 is shown to be 1.0 x 10^-2 mol C when the question is clearly addressing nitrogen atoms in fertilizer. Just for the sake of checking answers, did anyone else receive 0.6 mol N as the answer?

Laura Gong 3H
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Re: Question G.13 Answer Error (Sixth Edition)  [ENDORSED]

Postby Laura Gong 3H » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:54 pm

The answer I got was the answer in the back of the textbook (aside from the mistake of mol C instead of mol N.)

Since you originally have 1.0L of 0.20 M of the fertilizer solution, by adding 3.0L of water, your new total volume of solution is 4.0L.
The new concentration of fertilizer would be .20mol/4.0L which is 0.050M.
The number of moles of NH4NO3 in 100mL of the new solution would then be 5.0x10^-3 mol.
To find the number of moles of N that each plant receives, multiply the number above with the stoichiometric ratio of 2 mol N to 1 mol NH4NO3 to get the answer 1.0x10^-2 mol N.

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