Homework Question F27 (6th edition)

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Shreya Tamatam 3B
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Homework Question F27 (6th edition)

Postby Shreya Tamatam 3B » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:58 pm

The question provides that a mixture of NaNO3 and Na2SO4 of mass 5.37 g contains 1.61 g of sodium. How do we calculate the percentage mass of NaNO3? Do we find the mass of NaNO3 by finding the mass per mole and then multiplying it by the amount in moles, and then using the mass percentage formula?

Hovik Mike Mkryan 2I
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Re: Homework Question E27 (6th edition)

Postby Hovik Mike Mkryan 2I » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:40 pm

I solved this problem by labeling each compound as x and y. Compound x (NaNO3) contains 27.05% sodium, while compound y (Na2SO4) contains about 32.37% sodium. I used two equations, the equation x+y=5.37 in order to get one variable alone and the second equation 0.2705x+0.3237y= 1.61g to calculate the amount of sodium in grams in each compound. I used x=5.37-y and plugged that for my x in the second equation to get my y. After getting y I was not finished because the question asks about the mass of NaNO3(my x), therefore I plugged my y in the first equation to get my x, then divided it by 5.37 and multiplied it by 100%. I hope this helped!

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