Exergonic Reaction

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Dianna Grigorian 1C
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Exergonic Reaction

Postby Dianna Grigorian 1C » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:55 pm

What does it mean for a reaction to be exergonic other than that is has a negative standard reactions Gibbs free energy?

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Re: Exergonic Reaction

Postby Hannah_Chao_1D » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:20 pm

Exergonic means that the energy of the products is less than the energy of the reactants. The reaction releases energy into the surroundings. Thus the energy of the surroundings increases and energy of the system decreases.

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Re: Exergonic Reaction

Postby Vincent Tse 2B » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:21 pm

For reaction profiles, organic chemistry usually uses Gibbs free energy to describe energy changes.

For a reaction that has a standard reaction Gibbs free energy < 0, it is the same as calling it an exergonic reaction in which the free energy of the reactants is greater than the products; therefore, making it a favorable reaction and can be graphically seen in a reaction profile.

With exergonic reactions, K > 1 (meaning more products formed).

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