Transition states and stability

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Kevin Chang 2I
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Transition states and stability

Postby Kevin Chang 2I » Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:55 pm

In a reaction mechanism or profile, will the transition state always be structurally less stable than the intermediates? What determines the structural stability?

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Re: Transition states and stability

Postby Taylor_Yamane_2L » Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:01 am

Transition states have partially formed bonds which gives them a much higher energy and makes them very unstable while intermediates have fully formed bonds so transition states are normally always more unstable than the intermediates.

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Re: Transition states and stability

Postby Cayla_Brooks_1I » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:18 pm

Is it possible for the intermediates to be more unstable?

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