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Postby DanielLee3H » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:09 am

Just to clarify, Steric strains are high in energy due to the instability caused by the physical presence of multiple atoms in a limited area, while torsional strains are caused by repulsion between electron dense clouds of hydrogens when eclipsed? Isn't that essentially the same thing?

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Re: Strains

Postby Khang_Tran_1O » Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:42 pm

You can refer to this to see the difference between the two strains!

But basically, I believe that torsional strains are steric strains that occurs when there are eclipsed or gauche interactions, so they are similar to each other.

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Re: Strains

Postby samuelkharpatin2b » Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:37 pm

It may seem as though steric and torsional strain are very similar, which they in a way are, but the most important distinction between the two is that steric strain is due to actual/physical interaction between atoms in a molecule when they are close to each other while torsional strain is caused by "non-touching" interaction. So you can technically say that steric strain is a factor when atoms are REALLY close to each other.

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