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Drawing hydrogens

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:25 pm
by charlottesmith3f
When we're asked to draw conformations, do we need to draw in all hydrogens? Or do we just draw the chair or boat structure with functional groups and leave out all the hydrogens? Some problems include all hydrogens and some leave them out.

Re: Drawing hydrogens

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:01 pm
by jbcarton
Because they don't take too much time I would be safe and just draw them in, as drawing them also helps you see if there are any interactions if there are any substituents.

Re: Drawing hydrogens

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:44 am
by Isa AbdulCader 3K
It would be safer to draw out the hydrogens, but if you do, make sure to be careful what direction you draw them in. Make sure to make the axial/equatorial differences visible, with alternating up/down between each.