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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:57 pm
by danielruiz1G
For f11 in the homework, when converting the mass percentages into its mass percentage in grams, how exactly can I convert it?

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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:59 pm
by Jimmy lira-1G
Hello danny ! Well this is quite simple actually, you probably missed the example showing how to do this process; if the mass percentage is 65.5% the the mass percentage into grams is simply 65.5g , it is exactly the percentage without the % symbol, hope thats helpful !!!

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Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:46 am
by Daniel Cho Section 1H
Just think of converting percent to mass like the formula for mass percentage. (Molar Mass of a specific element/ mass of entire compound) x 100% which explains why when you were given 50% C you convert that to 50g since you multiply by 100%.

I hope this helps. Correct me if I am wrong in my explanation.

Re: f11

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:55 pm
by Andre-1H
Hey just to add on when it gives you a mass percentage the easiest way to interpret that is to assume that there is a 100g sample of whatever you are trying to analyze. So for this example you basically just find the molar ratios using a 100g sample. Let me know if you need anything else!