Shrodinger Equation on Outline


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Shrodinger Equation on Outline

Postby Daniel_Frees_1L » Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:02 pm

In our outline for test 2, it says "Understand the relationship between Schrodinger's equation (H ψ = E ψ), wave functions, and orbitals."

I'm not sure exactly what these means and I'm a little hazy on the relationship between the three. Can anyone help clarify?

Anushi Patel 1J
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Re: Shrodinger Equation on Outline

Postby Anushi Patel 1J » Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:53 pm

So the Schrodinger equation is a model to describe electrons in an atom based on their wavelike properties and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. I don't think we are supposed to be able to completely understand the mechanics behind it, since it would probably involve a lot of complicated math. The wave function is the trident looking symbol (psi) inside the Schrodinger equation, and its a mathematical function that represents the height of a wave at a given position. An orbital IS a wave function, but only the valid wave functions that are experimentally confirmed are the orbitals. Hope that helps!

Kelly Zhang 1L
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Re: Shrodinger Equation on Outline

Postby Kelly Zhang 1L » Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:02 pm

Will we have to answer questions using Schrodinger's equation?

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