ionic molecule

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Cecilia Jardon 1I
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ionic molecule

Postby Cecilia Jardon 1I » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:17 am

Would an ionic molecule have London-dispersion forces?

KatelinTanjuaquio 1L
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Re: ionic molecule

Postby KatelinTanjuaquio 1L » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:25 am

Yes, all types of molecules have London Dispersion forces.

Patrick Cai 1L
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Re: ionic molecule

Postby Patrick Cai 1L » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:27 am

Ionic compounds still have London dispersion forces occurring, since the presence of a polarizable electron cloud allows for it. However, the primary intermolecular force present will be that ionic attraction.

Ian Marquez 2K
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Re: ionic molecule

Postby Ian Marquez 2K » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:33 pm

When listing down what intermolecular forces molecules have, just always note that London dispersion forces occur no matter what. In some molecules, this is the only force that is acting.

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