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Rita Chen 1B
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Postby Rita Chen 1B » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:17 am

Where is the dipole-dipole interaction in this? Is it with the O-H? Can someone explain to me what the dipole-dipole interaction really is because I only really know of the interaction between water molecules as being dipole-dipole, so how can one molecule have dipole-dipole interactions?

Samuel Tzeng 1B
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Re: H2SeO4

Postby Samuel Tzeng 1B » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:26 am

the dipole between O-H bonds will cause the H to be slightly negative, while the dipole between the Se-O bonds will make the O slightly positive, this causes the H atoms of one molecule to be attracted to the O atoms of another, creating dipole-dipole interactions

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