Sapling #20

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Sapling #20

Postby Cooper_Geralds_3B » Wed Nov 11, 2020 9:27 pm

"Select which intermolecular forces of attraction are present between CH3CHO molecules" How do you determine what intermolecular forces of attraction are present just by given the molecular formula?

Andrew Wang 1C
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Re: Sapling #20

Postby Andrew Wang 1C » Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:13 pm

How I did it was I drew the Lewis structure for CH3CHO and used that to determine which interactions were present. I'm not sure if there's a method to determine by just using the formula, but drawing the Lewis structure should be helpful.

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Re: Sapling #20

Postby Sarah_Hoffman_2H » Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:37 pm

Yes I just drew the molecule and then determined the interactive forces on each individual bond.

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