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Priscilla Okaiteye
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Postby Priscilla Okaiteye » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:30 pm

Can we still do homework on thermochemistry or is it just thermodynamics now?

katherinemurk 2B
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Re: HW

Postby katherinemurk 2B » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:38 pm

I think you can still do hw on thermochemistry since we recently started to cover thermodynamics.

Jonathan Zhao 4H
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Re: HW

Postby Jonathan Zhao 4H » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:28 pm

Yes, we should still be able to do thermochemistry problems for HW.

Kavvya Gupta 1H
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Re: HW

Postby Kavvya Gupta 1H » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:14 pm

you can start thermochemistry if you want too but we are currently still on thermodynamics. I think you will be alright if you turn in homework from thermochemistry though.

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