definition of isothermic reversible expansion  [ENDORSED]


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definition of isothermic reversible expansion

Postby nick_pantoja_3G » Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:20 pm

What does isothermic reversible expansion mean?

Annie Duong 3L
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Re: definition of isothermic reversible expansion  [ENDORSED]

Postby Annie Duong 3L » Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:51 pm

An isothermal reversible expansion is basically just a process conducted where the temperature remains constant during the entire operation.

So in an isothermal reversible expansion, you have a gas cylinder with a piston. The piston is placed in a constant temperature setting (like a water bath; this is the surrounding) and you pull the piston out slowly so that you increase the volume of the gas inside while the temperature stays constant. The term reversible comes from the fact that you are pulling it out slowly so that you don't "shock" the system. By "shocking" the system, think of throwing hot water onto a cold windshield. Obviously, we know that windshields can withstand high temperatures, but when you throw super hot water onto a cold windshield the sharp transition between cold to hot temperature can "shock the system" and cause the windshield to crack and thus prevents the windshield from returning to its initial state. A reversible process can be thought of as slowly applying heat to the car and then slowly cooling it down so that it can return to initial state. :)

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