Work Done


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Parsia Vazirnia 2L
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Work Done

Postby Parsia Vazirnia 2L » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:30 pm

If we have say for example -300 J of work done but also have another value of -200J of work done. Why is -300J more work done? Why is the sign convention irrelevant?

Ara Yazaryan 1E
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Re: Work Done

Postby Ara Yazaryan 1E » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:26 pm

Because the negative sign signifies that energy is released from the system. I think you were under the impression that this was akin to a number-line sort of scale, which is not the case here. -300kJ realized by a system is thus more work than -200kJ. Hope that helps, cheers.

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