#25 Homework 6th Edition

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Tamera Scott 1G
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#25 Homework 6th Edition

Postby Tamera Scott 1G » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:18 pm

For #25, I understand that there are 6 different positions or orientations for the molecule SO2F2, but how to we find what 6 is to the power of?

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Re: #25 Homework 6th Edition

Postby Felicia1E » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:49 pm

It should be the power of however many molecules there are. So if there's one molecule, its 6^1 and therefore the degeneracy is 6. However if it's 1 mole of the SO2F2 then you would have 6^Avogadro's number which is 6^6.02x10^23. The question asks for residual molar entropy, so it is asking for 1 mole of SO2F2.

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