Ideal Gas with no specific heat capacity

Boltzmann Equation for Entropy:

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Samantha Rundle 3K
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Ideal Gas with no specific heat capacity

Postby Samantha Rundle 3K » Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:20 am

I understand that when you are asked to use an ideal gas without a specific heat value, you use C(vol)=3/2R when it is monatomic, C(vol)=5/2R when it is diatomic, and C(vol)=3R when it is polyatomic. I was wondering what determines the value of the coefficient in each case.

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Re: Ideal Gas with no specific heat capacity

Postby 204643643 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:06 pm

When someone in my discussion section asked a similar question, my TA responded by saying that the coefficients are determined by the gases' degree of freedom, where it is able to move in different directions. For monotonic gases, the three movements are only translational, whereas for other, more complex gases, movements can also include rotation.

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