Entropy vs. moles

Boltzmann Equation for Entropy:

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Entropy vs. moles

Postby Shanzey » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:41 pm

Does having more moles of a molecule mean increased entropy? For instance, would 5 moles of H2O would have a higher entropy compared to 1 mole of H2O?

Andrew F 2L
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Re: Entropy vs. moles

Postby Andrew F 2L » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:40 am

I think in terms of a chemical equation, if you have a decrease in moles of the product, then entropy decreases and an increase in the moles of the product results in an increase in entropy

Vinita Saxena 2I
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Re: Entropy vs. moles

Postby Vinita Saxena 2I » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:42 am

Yes, because there are more possible states and arrangements of the 5 moles of H2O compared to 2 moles H2O.

andrewcj 2C
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Re: Entropy vs. moles

Postby andrewcj 2C » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:43 am

Yes, if you add matter to a system, the entropy will increase. More moles means more molecules which means more microstates for the molecules to be in.

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