HW 5-6: Question 8


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Shaniya Kerns 4D
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HW 5-6: Question 8

Postby Shaniya Kerns 4D » Mon Mar 18, 2024 9:44 pm

Calculate the standard molar entropy of vaporization of water at 56.0 °C, given that its standard molar entropy of vaporization at 100.0 °C is 109.0 J•K-l•moll and the molar heat capacities at constant pressure for liquid water and water vapor are 75.3 J-K-' mol-' and 33.6 J-K-'.mol', respectively, in this temperature range.

After finding the molar entropy of each pressure which equation do I use to find the standard molar entropy of vap and how would I know where each answer goes in the equation?

Mackenzie Lay 2H
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Re: HW 5-6: Question 8

Postby Mackenzie Lay 2H » Mon Mar 18, 2024 11:24 pm

Hi! I found the answer to be 117.256. The formula I would use is deltaS = CP,m ln (T2/T1), 109.0 J*K^-1*mol^-1, anddeltaS = CP,m ln(T2/T1).

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