Degenerate states and volume


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Degenerate states and volume

Postby bonnie_schmitz_1F » Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:15 pm

In class today, Professor Lavelle said that doubling the volume of an ideal gas also doubles w, the amount of degenerate states, because each gas molecule has 2x the positions availible to it. I'm still confused what the relationship between volume and degenerate states are. Why does doubling the volume double the degenerate states?

Cole Elsner 2J
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Re: Degenerate states and volume

Postby Cole Elsner 2J » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:00 pm

Because there was a certain amount of degenerate states in the initial volume, doubling said volume would double the positions molecules can take. Because there's more volume, there's more space/positions to fill, in fact, it's DOUBLE.

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