Winter 2013 Midterm #5.B

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Winter 2013 Midterm #5.B

Postby Michelle_Nguyen_3F » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:11 pm

Arrange the following substances in order of increasing standard molar entropy"

. The answer is given as: .

I know that standard molar entropy has to do with the number of possible positions the molecules/atoms can be in. Could someone please explain why this is the correct answer? Thank you!

Manpreet Singh 1N
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Re: Winter 2013 Midterm #5.B

Postby Manpreet Singh 1N » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:28 pm


My logic for this problem is that the molecule with the greater molar mass has the greatest molar entropy because the more massive the gas molecule, the more disordered it can be.

Hope that helps :)

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