9.37 and subtracting vaporization

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Emily Glaser 1F
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9.37 and subtracting vaporization

Postby Emily Glaser 1F » Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:25 am

Why wouldn' you subtract the entropy of vaporization in this problem for part a?

H2(g) + 1/2O2(g) --> H2O(l)
Delta S = Sproducts - S reactants
There is a phase change. We did something like this for enthalpy, so why not for entropy.

Diego Zavala 2I
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Re: 9.37 and subtracting vaporization

Postby Diego Zavala 2I » Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:45 am

The reactants are gases and the product is a liquid, hence, the entropy of the system increased

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