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Areena H 2K
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Postby Areena H 2K » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:36 pm

For 4G.1 a) how can we tell how many microstates there are if they are aligned in the same way? Do we look at the orientation or number of molecules?

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Re: 4G.1

Postby PranaviKolla2B » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:42 pm

What are microstates?

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Re: 4G.1

Postby RasikaObla_4I » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:50 pm

If they are all aligned in the same direction, then the microstate would be one.

Hussain Chharawalla 1G
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Re: 4G.1

Postby Hussain Chharawalla 1G » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:00 pm

You will generally be told how many states the individual atoms can take. If they are fixed, then there is only one state. Degeneracy is the number of possible states to the power of how many atoms. W= (# states)^ (# atoms).

If there is only one possible state then W=1 and entropy is equal to S=kbln(W)= Kbln(1)= Kb*0= 0

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