Entropy Concept

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Entropy Concept

Postby nelms6678 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:33 am

Does an endothermic reaction have the ability to increase spontaneity and entropy in reaction?

Sirajbir Sodhi 2K
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Re: Entropy Concept

Postby Sirajbir Sodhi 2K » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:41 am

An endothermic reaction can certainly increase the total entropy of a system. That's why certain endothermic processes are spontaneous: the dissolution of salt in water for example. Remember, this is possible because spontaneity is a function of total entropy, not just the entropy of a system (this phenomenon can also be explained through Gibbs Free Energy at constant temperature and pressure).

As for your other question, a reaction always proceeds to minimize Gibb's Free Energy (toward equilibrium).

aaron tang 2K
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Re: Entropy Concept

Postby aaron tang 2K » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:03 pm

Endothermic reactions/processes are spontaneous because this kind of process absorbs heat which increases the total entropy of a system.

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