w max

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w max

Postby JustinHorriat_4f » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:39 pm

Can someone explain to me what w(max) is and why they will equal change of G at constant T and P

andrewcj 2C
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Re: w max

Postby andrewcj 2C » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:44 pm

I'm not entirely sure, but how I understand it is that with constant temperature and pressure, the energy change is equivalent to the work done, assuming no heat is released. This would be w(max), or the maximum amount of work possible.

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Re: w max

Postby Sreyes_1C » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:45 pm

http://www.esru.strath.ac.uk/EandE/Web_ ... s/text.htm

This link slightly touches on this subject

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Re: w max

Postby Jeremy_Guiman2E » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:51 pm

W(max) is the maximum amount of work possible. It appears that by definition G is the maximum non-expansion work that can be done under constant T and P.

Moreover, see this: https://lavelle.chem.ucla.edu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5141

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