Ppt Question

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Jessica Chen 2C
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Ppt Question

Postby Jessica Chen 2C » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:04 pm

For the question on slide 5 of the final review PowerPoint, why do we only use the delta G for PCl5 and PCl3 when calculating the delta G of the reaction?

Katie Kyan 2K
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Re: Ppt Question

Postby Katie Kyan 2K » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:42 pm

This is because the standard gibbs free energy for Cl2 is 0 as diatomic molecules are already in their standard state. Thus when calculating the delta G of the reaction we exclude the delta G for Cl2 since it is 0.

Frank He 4G
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Re: Ppt Question

Postby Frank He 4G » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:43 pm

I think it might be because the gibbs free energy of formation for Cl2 is 0, since it's already in its most stable form.

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