Sig Figs  [ENDORSED]

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Brynne Keyser 1B
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Sig Figs

Postby Brynne Keyser 1B » Fri May 04, 2018 8:03 pm

Will we need to use Sig Figs on the midterm? Ive heard many different answers from different people.


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Re: Sig Figs

Postby annie_finneran_1K » Fri May 04, 2018 9:46 pm

I would say yes. it is good to get into the habit of it anyways.

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Re: Sig Figs  [ENDORSED]

Postby Chem_Mod » Fri May 04, 2018 11:31 pm


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Re: Sig Figs

Postby sharonvivianv » Sun May 06, 2018 6:55 pm

Yes, you can lose a maximum of one point for each page where you don't use the correct sig figs.

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