Characteristics of Light

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Characteristics of Light

Postby KarlaArevalo2F » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:15 pm

I recall Dr. Lavelle mention how light is able to act as both a particle as well as a wave? How is this possible?

Claire Guo 1B
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Re: Characteristics of Light

Postby Claire Guo 1B » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:48 pm

Light acts as a wave because it undergoes reflection, refraction, and diffraction. At the same time, it also acts as a particle as seen in the photoelectric effect. We consider light as photons, or packets, of energy in which one photon interacts with one electron. If light had only wave properties, then increasing intensity of light should eject electrons. However, only photons with sufficient energy above the threshold energy can remove the electron.

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