1A.7 Seventh edition

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1A.7 Seventh edition

Postby Karolina herrera1F » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:59 pm

For this question it it states to find the frequency of violent light when it is 7.1x10^14 Hz it asks for the wavelength. I know that you would put the 7.1x10^14 Hz on the bottom, but I do not know what to put on. the top and why.

Leah farhadi 1F
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Re: 1A.7 Seventh edition

Postby Leah farhadi 1F » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:11 pm

In the question we are given frequency (v) and we need to find wavelength (λ).

We know that frequency and wavelength are related:c = λ ν

But in this problem we only know frequency (v) and c (the speed of light):

We rewrite the equation solving for wavelength:

c = λ ν (divide both sides by v): c/ν = λ => λ = c/ν (so starting with the equation we know we solve for λ, and get the speed of light(c) divided by the given frequency (v):

λ = (2.998 x10^8 m.s^-1)/(7.1x10^14 s^-1) = 4.2 x 10^-7 m = 420 nm

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