Finding Wavelength and Energy of Photon

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Finding Wavelength and Energy of Photon

Postby Veronica_Lubera_2A » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:25 am

How would you solve this question? Specifically, the energy per one photon of radiation?

The meter was defined in 1963 as 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of radiation emitted by krypton-86 (it has since been redefined). What is the wavelength of this krypton-86 radiation? What energy does one photon of this radiation have?


Nathan Nakaguchi 1G
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Re: Finding Wavelength and Energy of Photon

Postby Nathan Nakaguchi 1G » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:42 am

To find the wavelength of Krypton-86 I would use the ratio that they gave you so: (1 meter/1,650,763.73 krypton wavelengths) * (1 Krypton wavelengths) to convert to krypton wavelength in meters (or nanometers). From there I would use the formula c= Wavelength * Frequency, solve for frequency, and plug that into E= h* Frequency to find the energy of the photon. Hope this helps!

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