14.13 part d

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Teresa Chan 2G
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14.13 part d

Postby Teresa Chan 2G » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:43 pm

How do we write the half reactions for and the cell diagram for this? I know the solutions manual gives the answer but I'm still confused as to how to do it

Audrey Magsig 1E
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Re: 14.13 part d

Postby Audrey Magsig 1E » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:42 pm

For the half reactions, you know that Au is going to be both oxidized and reduced. Break it up into the half reactions then:

Au+(aq) ->Au (s)
Au+(aq) ->Au 3+ (aq)

then calculate the oxidation numbers:
Au+: +1
Au(s): 0
Au 3+: +3

Balance the overall oxidation numbers on both sides of the reaction by adding electrons:

Au+(aq) + e ->Au (s)
Au+(aq) ->Au 3+ (aq) + 2e

For the cell diagram anode goes on the left, cathode goes on the right with a double line to separate. If there are phase changes on either side between the reactants and the products, you add a single line, otherwise use a comma:

anode II cathode

Au+(aq), Au 3+ (aq) II Au+(aq) I Au (s)

If there is no presence of a solid forming, use Pt as the inert electrode:

Pt(s) I Au+(aq), Au 3+ (aq) II Au+(aq) I Au (s)

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