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Arie Hakimi 1L
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Postby Arie Hakimi 1L » Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:03 pm

How exactly does what we have learned in class relate to electroplating?

How would it work in terms of Copper and an acid?

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Re: Electroplating

Postby Chem_Mod » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:13 pm

Electroplating is basically using electrical energy to depositie metal on some thing else, it can be think as the reverse process of galvanic cell

Ricardo Munoz 3K
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Re: Electroplating

Postby Ricardo Munoz 3K » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:47 am

How I think it works is like this:
Say you have a piece of zinc (maybe a ring), and you want to try and gold-plate it. What you would do is make it so that the zinc ring is treated as a cathode in a galvanic cell, and have it suspended in a solution that contains gold ions. Since reduction happens at the cathode, the free-floating gold ions will collect electrons, becoming regular gold atoms, and will begin to clump together on the zinc ring.
This process continues until either there are no more gold ions in solution, or (more likely) the reaction has reached equilibrium.

I hope my answer helped!

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