General Rate Laws

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Johnathan Smith 1D
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General Rate Laws

Postby Johnathan Smith 1D » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:03 pm

Why do we focus on the reactants when we are determining the rate laws?

Alice Chang 2H
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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby Alice Chang 2H » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:08 pm

According to this site:

The rate law for a chemical reaction is an equation that relates the reaction rate with the concentrations or partial pressures of the reactants.

So, I think it's because rate laws are to measure how fast at certain concentrations of reactants will form products when compared to time. Which is why rate laws are based on reactants.

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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby RasikaObla_4I » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:08 pm

In the beginning of a reaction, there are no products present so we use the initial concentrations of the reactants because only the forward reaction occurs.

Simon Ketema_1F
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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby Simon Ketema_1F » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:14 pm

The purpose rate law is to determine the rate of the reaction from reactants to products and relate it to the concentrations of reactions as the reaction progresses.

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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby Adriana_4F » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:16 pm

There are no products being formed yet so the rate depends on the reactants.

Ellen Amico 2L
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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby Ellen Amico 2L » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:19 pm

By using the initial rates and initial concentrations of the reactants, it's easier to determine the rate law. This is because when the products start to form they can sometimes affect the rate law and change it. If we only focus on the reactants at the start of the reaction we don't have to worry about the products.

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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby Jeremy_Guiman2E » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:21 pm

Rate laws would look at reactants because we are using initial concentrations of reactants to determine rate into product creation.

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Re: General Rate Laws

Postby rohun2H » Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:27 pm

We calculate the initial rate (when there are no products present).

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