Planck's Number

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Inderpal Singh 2L
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Planck's Number

Postby Inderpal Singh 2L » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:23 pm

Can someone explain where h (Plancks constant) comes from? I want to have a better understanding of why it is in the equation :)

Nina Tartibi 1F
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Re: Planck's Number

Postby Nina Tartibi 1F » Thu Oct 15, 2020 1:05 pm

Hi! Planck's constant relates the energy carried by a single photon to its corresponding frequency. He found the constant using the kinetic energy of photoelectrons. Hope this helps!

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Re: Planck's Number

Postby RitaThomas_3G » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:15 pm

Hey! Just adding onto what was stated previously, Max Planck was trying to show that when energy is being exchanged, it occurs in "packets" of energy. This constant helps to show that given the frequency of a wave, it can only carry a certain amount of energy.

Vanshika Bhushan 1A
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Re: Planck's Number

Postby Vanshika Bhushan 1A » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:45 pm

Planck’s constant defines the amount of energy that a photon can carry, depending on the frequency of the wave in which it travels. Planck first attempted to reproduce the expression for entropy of an ideal oscillator related to the black body radiation law. The classical theory predicted that a body would radiate an infinite amount of power. Planck found that by assuming the mode excitations were quantized, he received a convergent answer.

Keshav Patel 14B 2B
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Re: Planck's Number

Postby Keshav Patel 14B 2B » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:49 pm

Plancks constant which is 6.626 x 10 to the negative 34th power joules which is the electromagnetic radiation divided by frequency. This helps you find several other key parts of the Quantum World.

Jaden Joodi 3J
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Re: Planck's Number

Postby Jaden Joodi 3J » Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:54 pm

To add on to what everyone else in the thread has already stated, planck's constant is used to relate the frequency of a wave to the energy of a photon. It was calculated by measuring the relationship between the two. It turned out that the frequency and the energy of the photon were directly proportional!!! This is why the relationship can easily be described using the linear equation of y=mx+b. (m would be planck's constant!!!)

Tanner Bartyczak 1K
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Re: Planck's Number

Postby Tanner Bartyczak 1K » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:49 pm

I was also wondering what Planck's Number actually meant. Thanks for the explanation, everyone.

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