Activated complex for question 103

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Activated complex for question 103

Postby Chem Student » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:59 pm

Isn't an activated complex suppose to show the bonds breaking and forming in a transition state?

For question 103 (a), is says the activated complex for
[/code] should be written as [CH3.......CHO] but shouldn't it be [H3C.......CHO] since the C-C bond is breaking? Or are both correct?

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Re: Activated complex for question 103

Postby Chem_Mod » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:56 am

Yes, both answers are correct, since we can assume CH3 is a methyl group and thus the bond is formed between the carbons. However, to be more accurate, [H3C ---- CHO] is preferred.

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