sketching reaction profiles

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sketching reaction profiles

Postby soniatripathy » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:00 am

i am confused on how to sketch a reaction profile (like in 15.89). are there certain steps and things to look for when sketching a reaction profile? what are they?

Rachel Formaker 1E
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Re: sketching reaction profiles

Postby Rachel Formaker 1E » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:03 am

For a reaction profile, we mainly need to take into account the number of elementary steps, the activation energy of each step, and whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic.

For each elementary step, there is one energy barrier/"hill" in the reaction profile.

The slow step will have the largest activation energy and therefore the largest "hill" in the reaction profile.
The fastest step will have the smallest activation energy and the smallest "hill" in the reaction profile.

If the reaction is exothermic, the products will have lower energy than the reactants, and if the reaction is endothermic, the products will have higher energy than the reactants.

Kaileigh Yang 2I
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Re: sketching reaction profiles

Postby Kaileigh Yang 2I » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:06 am

When sketching a reaction profile, I think it is just important to remember that if the reaction is exothermic, the reactants will start off at a higher point than the products whereas in an endothermic reaction, the reactants will start of lower than the products. In addition, the humps that mark the change in activation energy are also indicators of transition states and that the intermediate is the small curve in between transition states.

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