Fast Step/Slow Step

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Drew Myers 4G
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Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby Drew Myers 4G » Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:06 pm

How do you know what step in a rxn mechanism is the slow/fast step? What does a slow/fast step even mean?

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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby jisulee1C » Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:38 pm

Usually for the reaction mechanism it states whether or not the reaction is fast or slow. If the reaction step is slow than that is the rate determining step for the reaction. In addition you would know that the reverse reaction for the slow step is almost nonexistent while for the fast reaction the forward and reverse reaction could still be happening.

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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby 005384106 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:30 pm

How do you determine which step is fast/slow?

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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby asannajust_1J » Wed Mar 11, 2020 7:00 pm

If not indicated, the fast step will be in equilibrium and the slow step will not.

Diana Chavez-Carrillo 2L
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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby Diana Chavez-Carrillo 2L » Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:31 pm

Could someone please explain to me why the slowest step is favored rather than the fast step?

Maria Poblete 2C
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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby Maria Poblete 2C » Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:32 pm

The slowest step determines the rate because the reaction cannot proceed until the slowest step has gone to completion. Essentially, if you think about it like a group on a hike, the slowest person determines the pace of everyone because the group cannot go on without them.

Bryan Chen 1H
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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby Bryan Chen 1H » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:32 pm

^ no matter how "fast" the fast one is the slowest one is always the determinant because each other reaction depends on it to also occur

Ryan Lee 1E
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Re: Fast Step/Slow Step

Postby Ryan Lee 1E » Wed Mar 11, 2020 11:00 pm

I believe that if it had multiple steps, they would either give you experimental data to determine the slow step or they would just tell you what the rate-limiting step is.

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