Homework problem 15.63

Arrhenius Equation:

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Rachel Risoleo 3G
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Homework problem 15.63

Postby Rachel Risoleo 3G » Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:52 pm

In the solutions manual for 15.63, there is a "-0.59" subtracted from the equation ln(k'/k)=Ea/R(1/T2-1/T1). Is this meant to be the value of lnA, and if so, how were we meant to find it? (it wasn't given in the equation). If not, does anyone know what this value represents? Thanks so much.

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Re: Homework problem 15.63

Postby Chem_Mod » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:58 pm

It is probably the value of some logarithm. Recall that ln(k/k') is the same as lnk - lnk' via logarithm rules.

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