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Collision Theory

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:41 pm
by dgerges 4H
What exactly do we have to know about collision theory for the final?

Re: Collision Theory

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:53 pm
by Shally Li 2C
According to the outline, you need to understand how the collision model accounts for the temperature dependence of reactions. So in collision theory, molecules must collide at a minimum kinetic energy in order to break bonds and form new ones. The higher the temperature, the higher the kinetic energy of the molecules.

Re: Collision Theory

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:11 pm
by Destiny Diaz 4D
As long as you understand that collision is necessary for reactions to continue, molecules need to break apart and form and with and increase in temperature this will happen more I think you should be okay.