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marlene 1K
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Postby marlene 1K » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:31 pm

So we're going to be tested up until section 1D.2 for the midterm? What problem number is that when working on the outline, so which questions from outline 2 would be tested on??

Allan Nguyen 2G
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Re: Midterm

Postby Allan Nguyen 2G » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:37 pm

I think when Dr. Lavelle said up to 1D.2, he just meant the section to read up to for the 1D section. I don't think there are any problems you need to do because on the outline, he did not assign the problem 1D.2. I think he is just going to test us on concepts.

Kelly Singh
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Re: Midterm

Postby Kelly Singh » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:44 pm

All of the topics covered in his lectures up until last Wednesday will be covered. So, I think the basic principles of quantum numbers may be included. Nothing in depth, though.

Jaclyn Dang 3B
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Re: Midterm

Postby Jaclyn Dang 3B » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:25 pm

There will be no orbitals and little Schrondingers. Maybe some basic questions on quantum numbers

Lakshmi Davuluri 1E
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Re: Midterm

Postby Lakshmi Davuluri 1E » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:18 pm

I'm pretty sure none of the problems assigned from section 1.D are apply to this midterm.

Kelly Yun 2I
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Re: Midterm

Postby Kelly Yun 2I » Tue Oct 27, 2020 1:37 am

I'm not entirely sure but I remember someone saying in the Groupme that they asked their TA and she said the midterm questions for this chapter should only include material from 1A and 1B but to read 1C. I have no idea why the email said we needed to know up to 1D2, but I hope this can clarify things a little.

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