Quiz Grades?

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Berivan Kamran 3E
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Quiz Grades?

Postby Berivan Kamran 3E » Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:01 pm

I'm confused as to how our workbook may increase our grades. If I were to get say a 30/40 on the quiz and 35/40 on the second quiz, would a fully completed and correct workbook make the first quiz grade a 40/40?

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Re: Quiz Grades?

Postby Chem_Mod » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:57 pm


Workbook quiz score (if higher) will automatically replace lowest discussion section quiz score.

Rika Jitosho 2E
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Re: Quiz Grades?

Postby Rika Jitosho 2E » Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:42 pm

In addition to quiz clarifications, I see the syllabus states that our exams are to be written in pen, but does anyone know if this applies to the Preparation quiz that we submit as well? Thank you!

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