**Chemistry Refreshers**

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**Chemistry Refreshers**

Postby Chem_Mod » Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:51 pm

Been a while since chem ... maybe high-school chem was so-so ... it's time for CHEM REFRESHERS!

24 hours of Chem Refreshers starting this Thursday until next Wednesday (Sept 28).
Small Groups (if a group is full go to another one)
Ask Questions, Discuss, Enjoy Good Chem!

These topics will be discussed in detail, examples, group discussion, etc.,

• Convert units
• Accuracy and precision
• Significant figures
• Convert between mass and moles.
• Calculate the empirical formula of a compound from its mass percentage composition.
• Determine the molecular formula of a compound from its empirical formula and its molar mass.
• Calculate the molarity of a solute in solution, volume of solution, and mass of solute, given the other two quantities.
• Balance chemical equations.
• Understand and apply the concept of limiting reactant.

Jacqueline Stash, 2-3pm Th & F, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Sig Figs, Dimensional Analysis, Molarity

Nicholas Bernier, 1-3pm Tu, 3114 Mol. Sci.
General Review with focus on Dimensional Analysis

Dane Stanfield, 2-3pm W, 3114 Mol. Sci. and 10-11am F, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Reaction Stoichiometry
Dimensional Analysis

Kris Marsh, 1-2pm M & W, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Empirical and Molecular Formulas
Balancing Chemical Equations

Harry Mills, 9-10am M, 12-1pm Tu, 1067 Young Hall
General overview of all topics mentioned above

Roselyn Rodrigues, 12-1pm Tu & Th, 1049 Young Hall
Sig Figs, Dimensional Analysis, Molarity, Equations, and % Yield.

Andy Smaligo, 12-2pm Th, 4222 Young Hall
Molarity and Dilution of a Solution

Jack Fuller, 1-2pm Tu, 3-4pm F, 4222 Young Hall
Limiting Reactant

Andrew Dawson, 12-1pm Tu & Th, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Converting between mass and moles
Empirical Formula

Gail Vinnacombe, 3-4pm Tu, 1-2pm Th, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Balancing Chemical Equations
Limiting Reactant

Dan Zhu, 11-12noon Th & F, 3114 Mol. Sci.
Balancing reaction
Unit conversion
Significant figures

Dimitri Bikos, 9-10am M & F, 6096 Young Hall
Empirical formula and mass percentage composition
Molecular formula from empirical formula and its molar mass

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Re: **Chemistry Refreshers**

Postby Chem_Mod » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:10 am

Great that these were helpful for students.

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