Registering/Creating Your Chemistry Community Account

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Registering/Creating Your Chemistry Community Account

Postby Chem_Mod » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:32 pm

Chem 14A Students!

I've been a UA for 10 quarters with Dr. Lavelle and so many students have told me how much Chemistry Community has helped them. Chemistry Community is an amazing resource where you can find detailed explanations for almost every homework question and topic discussed in class. But if you still feel like your exact question hasn't been answered, post it. If you post a great question that creates a thorough discussion, you might even see it show up on an exam. Trust me, the more you use Chemistry Community, the quicker you will grasp the concepts of this course.

To register and create your account, follow the instructions from this pdf (which can also be found on Dr. Lavelle's website):

Remember, each week you can get up to 2 easy points just by posting a quality question or by answering another students' post. Remember it is one point per post, for a maximum of 2 points per week. But we encourage you to post as often and as much as you'd like.

I can't stress enough how beneficial Chemistry Community is. Very few classes, if any, on UCLA's campus will have a resource like this which is 24/7 office hours! So register and post your questions!

Also, come to our Peer Learning Sessions! We want to help you, but the only way we can is if you ask questions whether it is online on Chemistry Community or in person in our sessions.

Good luck this quarter!

Your UA,

Ashley Sarquiz
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