Midterm grade

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Savannah Mance 4G
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Midterm grade

Postby Savannah Mance 4G » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:22 pm

Where do we check our midterm grade since it's not on CCLE? Sorry if this is an obvious question...

Kate Osborne 1H
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Re: Midterm grade

Postby Kate Osborne 1H » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:24 pm

We got our physical midterms passed back today after class by our TAs so if you didn't get yours I would email your TA to see if you can get it from them.

Kishan Shah 2G
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Re: Midterm grade

Postby Kishan Shah 2G » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:38 pm

I do not think our scores will be posted online until the next few days. However, we received our physical test grades back after class from our TA's today.

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Re: Midterm grade

Postby 205296774 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:49 pm

It should be uploaded on CCLE eventually, just like the homework and first test. I think it is just delayed considering the volume each TA has to grade, check, and input.

Hope this helps

Rebecca Remple 1C
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Re: Midterm grade

Postby Rebecca Remple 1C » Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:10 pm

Hi Savannah!

We got our physical midterms back in my class. If you weren't able to get yours, you can email your TA or go to their Office Hours. I heard that scores were supposed to be posted to CCLE today, but they were delayed. If you can't get the midterm back physically, I'm sure they will be uploaded this week. You can also check the solutions online. I hope this helps!


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