Periodic Table

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Alexandra Salata 2L
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Periodic Table

Postby Alexandra Salata 2L » Tue Oct 06, 2020 5:10 am

Is there a copy of the official periodic table we should use that I could print off and have in my folder because I would find it much easier to use than the periodic table on the sapling learning website. If there is, where could I find it?

Lea Baskin Monk 1F
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Re: Periodic Table

Postby Lea Baskin Monk 1F » Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:25 am

I printed this table off of Professor Lavelle's website. ... _IUPAC.pdf

You can also find pdfs of sig fig rules, constants + equations, and naming compounds. They are under "Course Materials" on the class page in his website.

Bailey Giovanoli 1L
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Re: Periodic Table

Postby Bailey Giovanoli 1L » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:23 am

There is also a periodic table in the book store that is approved for the class. It’s laminated and has many other resources on it. If you’re looking for a one stop periodic table that has lots of information, more than a normal periodic table, I would highly recommend it. It’s about $7 in the bookstore, but I’m sure you could get one off amazon for cheaper.

Sana Nagori 2H
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Re: Periodic Table

Postby Sana Nagori 2H » Tue Oct 06, 2020 3:44 pm

Probably doesn't matter for doing homework or practice problems but previous posts say that we all get the same one for exams. I guess if you want to stay consistent the one linked on the profs website would be your best bet.

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