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Hana Sigsbee 3B
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Postby Hana Sigsbee 3B » Sun Nov 29, 2020 1:50 pm

I noticed that under the grades tab on sapling there are three extra credit sections for the Math Review, Practice Drawing Molecules, and Chemical Equations Training. Are these assignments actually worth extra credit towards our grade or were they just input as that because they weren't actually assigned as mandatory?

Melody Haratian 2J
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Re: sapling

Postby Melody Haratian 2J » Sun Nov 29, 2020 2:21 pm

I don’t think those assignments are worth extra credit. I did them a while back, and they’re just to help you with the basics and getting used to using Sapling.

Sachi Sengupta 2C
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Re: sapling

Postby Sachi Sengupta 2C » Sun Nov 29, 2020 2:22 pm

I don't think it's actually extra credit but rather extra practice.

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Re: sapling

Postby VanessaZhu2L » Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:22 pm

Yea! I think it is just for extra practice if you need it, not extra credit.

Michelle Magana 2B
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Re: sapling

Postby Michelle Magana 2B » Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:33 pm

The questions can work as extra practice !

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